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Installation & Troubleshooting Instructions - (Powerbolt 1000)

In honor of the Thanksgiving Day Holiday, our offices will be closed starting at 3:00pm PST Wednesday Nov. 22, 2017, Thursday Nov. 23, 2017 and Friday Nov. 24, 2017. We will resume operational hours on Monday Nov. 27, 2017 from 6:30am to 4:30pm PST. Please note that any warranty support emails sent during this extended holiday weekend will result in a delayed response.

Installation & Troubleshooting Instructions - (Powerbolt 1000)

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Installation & Troubleshooting Instructions - (Powerbolt 1000)


1. Specifications: - click here to get the Powerbolt 1000 lever specifications.


2. Latch:
- square corner latch part number: A74460 (800002-246 venetian bronze; 800002-505 satin chrome/satin nickel; 800002-079 antique brass/polished brass).
- round corner latch part number:  A74461 (
800002-247 venetian bronze; 800002-506 satin chrome/satin nickel; 800002-170 antique brass/polished brass).


3. Keypad: - part number: 800000-039

4. Exterior Plate: - part number: 88381(88381-002 polished brass; 88381-003 antique brass; 88381-005 antique nickel; 88381-006 polished chrome; 88381-007 satin chrome).


5. Standard Features: - Click here to see all the Powerbolt 1000 standard features.


6. Function: - single cylinder deadbolt ONLY. Deadbolt latch retracted by entering security code outside and extended by pushing lock button outside. Deadbolt latch extended and retracted by T-turn on inside. Using key outside will retract deadbolt latch if needed. 


7. Resetting the code: - please follow these instructions to reset the code on your Powerbolt 1000 unit:

  • Remove the inner cover plate from the lock. Click here to view instructions on how to remove cover.
  • Locate the small round program button near the left side of the circuit board (Red or Black).
  • To program, the latch should be extended out in the lock position, press the reset button once, then enter your 4-8 digit code on the exterior keypad, then immediately press the middle lock button on the exterior keypad. You will hear a beep. Re-enter the same 4-8 digit code to confirm, the latch should retract.  This completes the programming.  This signals that your code has been accepted.
  • To enter a second code, follow the same procedures as in step 3, but this time press the reset button twice then enter your code.


8. Replacing the batteries: - please follow these instructions to replace the batteries on your Powerbolt 1000 unit:

  • Remove inner cover plate located above the thumb turn on the inside of the door. Click here to view instructions on how to remove cover.
  • Replace all 4 batteries with quality alkaline AA batteries. (Do not use rechargeable batteries.)
  • Ensure that the batteries are correctly oriented or unit will not function properly.


9. Changing the password code: - please follow these instructions:

  • Manually put the bolt in extended (lock) position. Press PROGRAM button once, enter new 4 - 8 digit code and then press LOCK.
  • Press PROGRAM button twice, enter the same new code and then press LOCK once.
  • Press PROGRAM button three times, enter the same new code and then press LOCK once.

    These steps will program only the new code you enter for your unit.


10. Why is my Powerbolt 1000 unit beeping? - To determine why your lock is beeping, please follow these steps:

  • Take out batteries and unplug powerstrip. Click here to view instructions on how to remove cover.
  • Let is sit for 1 minute then put the batteries back in and wait another minute.
  • If it does not beep, the keypad needs to be replaced 800000-039.
  • If the unit beeps, the powerboard needs to be replaced (A17734-4,3 Powerboard 1460 brass finish; A17734-4,26D Powerboard 1460 satin chrome finish; A17734-4,5 Powerboard 1460 antique brass finish; A17734-4,11P Powerboard 1460 bronze finish).

If you would like to see a video of the troubleshooting steps above, please click on the video link below.



11. Door handing: I have installed your Powerbolt, but when I push the Lock Button, it unlocks? What should I do?

First remove the cover on the inside of the Powerbolt unit. On the right hand side under the batteries, you will notice that is says “Door Direction Jumper”. If the cap is mounted on Prongs 1 & 2, carefully remove it and move it over so that it mounts Prongs 2 & 3. A is right handed, B is left handed. Click here to view instructions on how to remove cover.


12. Installation Instructions: - download the file below for complete installation instructions for this unit.