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The Kwikset UNITE™ platform offers seamless access control and connectivity for your multifamily property.

Easy access control for multifamily facilities

Kwikset UNITE is the simple and convenient way to add seamless access control to your multifamily property. Electronic locks, cloud-based web and mobile software, smart credentials and smart reader controllers work together to deliver a simple yet comprehensive solution for managing your multifamily property.

  • Property Owners
    Property Owners
    Remote access control saves you time and money
  • Property Managers
    Property Managers
    Convenient, efficient way to manage multifamily units
  • Property Managers
    Maintenance Professionals
    Easier to install, manage and maintain
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Mobile Enabled, Wireless Smart Locks

Trust your multifamily property with Kwikset UNITE™ electronic locks for the ultimate in security, connectivity and convenience.
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Electronic Locks Controlled Your Way

Easily manage building access utilizing a smart phone, FOB or card as a credential.

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Kwikset UNITE
Cloud Base Mobile Software

Cloud Base Web & Mobile Software

Designed for multifamily property managers to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify managing access, while increasing tenant satisfaction and occupancy.
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Contactless High Security Cards and FOBS

Convenient and low cost way for property managers to manage credentials and opening access control. Provides more convenience and security than mechanical keys.
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