Kwikset SmartKey

Superior Security

Kwikset's patented SmartKey Security™ protects against advanced break-in techniques.

Security Made Convenient

SmartKey Security™ allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds.

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SmartKey Security™ Locksmith Challenge

Why is a SmartKey Security™ lock better than a regular lock?

It protects against common break-in methods

Kwikset's SmartKey Security™ is designed to protect against these type of break-ins and keep your family safe. SmartKey Security™ also allows you to re-key the lock yourself in seconds, leaving lost or unreturned keys obsolete.

  • Pick Resistant
  • Bump Proof
  • Re-Key Technology

Security Made Convenient

SmartKey Security™ features re-key technology, which allows you to re-key your locks yourself in seconds, because we realize the person who has your key today may not be the same person you want to have your key tomorrow.

Reasons to Re-key

  • Loaned or unreturned Keys
  • Recently moved, tenant turnover
  • Your child has lost their key... again
  • You have a different key for each door

How to re-key your SmartKey Security™ locks

You will need your current working key, smartkey tool, and your new key
Insert the key that currently operates your lock and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise.
Insert the SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole. Then remove the SmartKey tool and the current key.
Fully insert your new key into the lock and rotate it 180 degrees. Then rotate the new key 90 degrees back to the starting position, and remove it. Your lock is now re-keyed to your new key, and your old key will no longer operate the lock.

Video Tutorial

For more SmartKey troubleshooting videos, visit our how-to center:

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woman changing key with smartkey

One-Key Convenience.

SmartKey Security™ gives you one-key convenience — Re-key your locks yourself so all your doors share one key.