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I’m concerned about home security, do you have any suggestions?

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I’m concerned about home security, do you have any suggestions?

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At Kwikset we are committed to improving your security with quality door hardware products. We also have prepared the following checklist to help you make your house a safe place to be.

Around your house...


  • Install a wide-angle peep hole.
  • Entrance doors should have a solid core.
  • Doors should fit tightly into door jambs and strike plates must be secure.
  • If hinge pins are outside, they should be non-removable.
  • When closed, sliding doors need a metal bar to fill the inside track.
  • Door locks on the inside of the door should be at least 40 inches from glass
  • Use deadbolt locks that extend at least 1 inch into the strike plate.
  • Door locks should be replaced after you take possession of your new home.


  • Double hung windows should be pinned.
  • Metal windows need a lock or metal bar in addition to a catch.
  • Basement windows should be Plexiglass or have security bars.
  • Windows left open for ventilation should be secured.
  • Curtains or blinds should fully cover windows.
  • Air conditioners should be secured from the inside.


  • Keep shrubs cut below window level.
  • Your house number should be easily visible from the street.
  • Make sure front and back doorways are well lit or spot lit.
  • Keep bicycles, lawn mowers, and other gear inside and out of sight.
  • Join Neighborhood Watch and Operation Identification, and display the decals on your front and back doors.


  • Keep your garage door closed and locked when not in use.
  • Remove vehicle keys and lock vehicles in the garage.
  • Have a light inside the garage.

Around your apartment ...

  • Open the lobby door only for people you know. Unknown or suspicious persons should be reported to the building superintendent.
  • Use your initials and last name to identify yourself on the lobby list.
  • When moving in, have the superintendent change the locks.
  • If you are out, arrange for deliveries to be received by the building superintendent or a neighbor.
  • Check the elevator before you enter it and stay near the control panel.
  • Do not go into laundry rooms alone.
  • Check your car before entering it.
  • Keep your car locked and remove any valuable portable items.
  • Do not store valuable items in an apartment locker.


  • Alarms monitored 24 hours by a Central Alarm Station service are recommended.
  • Alarms should protect the full perimeter of your residence.

While on vacation...

  • Stop delivered items such as newspaper subscriptions.
  • Store valuables in a safety deposit box.
  • Use timers to automatically turn lights on and off.
  • Have a neighbor or friend pick up hand bills and mail.
  • Arrange to have snow shoveled and the grass cut.

Your personal security

  • Do not open the door until you confirm the person's identity.
  • If somebody asks to use your phone, have them wait outside while you make the call for them.
  • Do not give out personal information to telephone solicitors.
  • If you arrive home and suspect a break-in, leave and call the police.
  • Never indicate that you're not home on your telephone answering machine.
  • If you lose your keys, change your door locks.


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