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Lock Bumping

In honor of the Thanksgiving Day Holiday, our offices will be closed starting at 3:00pm PST Wednesday Nov. 22, 2017, Thursday Nov. 23, 2017 and Friday Nov. 24, 2017. We will resume operational hours on Monday Nov. 27, 2017 from 6:30am to 4:30pm PST. Please note that any warranty support emails sent during this extended holiday weekend will result in a delayed response.

Lock Bumping

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Lock Bumping:

All locks can be defeated – by Locksmith Professionals for legal purposes or by criminals misusing locksmithing methods or with just brute force. For many years, Locksmith Professionals have utilized several methods and tools to bypass pin tumbler locks for legal purposes. One such technique is called “bumping.” As an industry leader in locksets, Kwikset wants to proactively inform our customers of this industry issue to avoid confusion or misinformation on this topic.

The bumping technique compromises a traditional pin tumbler lock by using a “bump key” to “bump” a lock's pins above the lock's shear line, which, for a fraction of a second, allows the lock to be opened. This technique has recently received an increasing amount of media attention. State and federal laws prohibit the distribution of “locksmithing devices” to anyone other than lock manufacturers or others with a recognized legal purpose. Kwikset is working closely with the industry trade association, Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (“BHMA”), to minimize the risk that such devices can be obtained by individuals for improper purposes.


Kwikset offers a range of security products with different performance features and different grades of security. Door locks are just one form of security for your home. Consumers can also protect their homes by lighting entry and perimeter areas, using alarm systems, motion detectors and even the family pet as deterrents to those that would attempt to enter your home. For those who want an enhanced level of residential security, Kwikset is pleased to announce the arrival of its new SmartKey® technology. Kwikset's revolutionary SmartKey® technology provides American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”) Grade 1 Deadbolt Security, and, according to recent tests by Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”), SmartKey® passed the most rigorous UL lock picking test (UL 437, Paragraph 11.6). In addition to satisfying these rigorous ANSI/UL requirements, the patented design of SmartKey® makes it bumproof! That's right, SmartKey® is not susceptible to lock bumping techniques. Another innovative feature of SmartKey® technology is that it gives you the ability to re-key your lock in less than 15 seconds while still providing superior security. Now, with SmartKey® technology, if you are concerned about a lost or unauthorized duplication of your key, you can simply replace the key and not the lock. If you want superior security and a lock that cannot be “bumped,” then the SmartKey® is for you.

SmartKey – security, convenience and peace of mind. One of the best ways to protect your home and the ones you love. See for updates on availability and information on Kwikset's new SmartKey® platform of Security Products.


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