Installation Guide

Guided instructions for installing the Kevo Bluetooth Lock on your door.

The Kevo Installation Video is also available, click here to watch.

Drilling Instructions

Template and instructions for drilling a hole/bore in your door (if required).

User Guide

Contains everything you need to quickly get started with Kevo: Quick Start Guide, Normal Operation, Advanced Features, All About eKeys, Calibration, Important Safeguards, and more.

The Kevo Getting Started Video is also available. Click here to watch how to set up your smart device, and here to get started with your fob.

Calibration FAQs

Answers to common questions about calibrating your Kevo lock. For more information view our Calibration FAQs.

Fob Configuration

Instructions for setting up an additional fob to work with your Kevo lock.

Troubleshooting Guide

Reference guide for common questions. For more troubleshooting information inside of our Support Center, click here.

Warranty & Returns

Full warranty and return policy for Kevo. If you have Warranty-related questions about your product, please use our form here.