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 How can I extend the battery life of my smart lock?

If the batteries in your Halo, Aura or Halo Touch smart lock are draining faster than expected, try the below troubleshooting tips.

Note: Numerous variables can have a negative effect on a lock’s battery life, this makes it difficult to pinpoint a single source of increased battery drain. 

Battery Tips:
  • Check door alignment. Even the slightest misalignment between the door bolt and the strike plate hole can cause increased friction, which requires more power to successfully lock and unlock. This is by far the most common contributor to decreased battery life and should be assessed first.
  • Use standard non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries for best performance.
  • Turn off lock sounds and lock LED status from within the Kwikset app to reduce the lock’s overall power consumption.
  • Select a wireless router from this list of battery-friendly routers.
  • Ensure the lock is properly mounted and is not loose on the door.

Battery Replacement:
  • Remove the battery pack from the lock and take out the depleted batteries. Insert a fresh set of 4x AA batteries into the battery pack and slide the battery pack into the battery compartment of the lock.