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 Will Kevo Work If I Can’t Successfully Calibrate My Device Manually?

Kevo, 1st gen will still work with your device if you can’t calibrate it manually, but accepting an unsuccessful calibration is not recommended for security reasons. Your inside-outside security feature will remain disabled for your device, and your device’s activation range will be set to the approximate distance of your last calibration attempt. If you choose to skip calibration entirely, your device’s range will remain set at the default distance, which may extend both inside and outside your home. Skipping calibration will limit Kevo’s ability to prevent your door from being unlocked by an unauthorized user while your device is active and in motion* inside your home.
*For additional security, your phones and fobs must be in motion to communicate with your Kevo lock. Each device will automatically go to sleep after approximately 30 seconds of being still and inactive. Phones must be running the Kevo app in the background in order to automatically return to sleep mode.