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 Why is My Kevo Smart Lock Is Unresponsive

1. If using a smart device, hold the smart device close to the Kevo deadbolt and touch the lock. If your smart device doesn't vibrate, and the Bluetooth symbol (located at the top of your screen) doesn't flash, this is an indication that there is no Bluetooth communication. Make sure the app is open (either in background or foreground) and you are signed in to the correct account in your mobile app. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and that Bluetooth sharing is enabled. You can change your Bluetooth sharing settings on an Apple device by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing.

2. Make sure you are touching the Kevo on the deadbolt rose. The light ring will not react if you touch the face of the lock.

3. Make sure the batteries in the interior assembly are good and correctly installed. If you are using a Kevo fob, make sure the Kevo fob battery is good. The Kevo fob's battery is good if its LED flashes green for a several seconds when you press the button on the fob.

4. Temporarily remove the interior Kevo assembly from the door, and make sure that both cables are connected tightly and not damaged.

If the problem persists, call Kevo support.