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 Why is my Kevo Smart Lock Activating Without Touching It?

If you find your Kevo begins to act like it is being touched, without anyone near it, there could be a damaged cable causing this behavior. If the antenna cable connecting the exterior to the interior becomes damaged during installation, then the exposed/damaged section of the cable can interact with the lock internals causing the lock to trigger a touch event. If this touch event occurs while an authorized phone or fob is active and within Bluetooth range, it may cause the lock to cycle between lock and unlock. Keep in mind the authorized phone or fob must be active, and within range, for the lock to UNLOCK under these circumstances. If this touch event were to occur, and the Triple-Touch feature is activated then the lock could LOCK, without an authorized phone or fob active and within range, but not UNLOCK without an authorized phone or fob active and within range. If the cable is damaged, then the motion of the latch motor moving could further cause more touch events to occur, resulting in the lock continuously cycling by itself. Again this continuous cycling condition can ONLY occur if an authorized phone or fob is within Bluetooth range and active. If you experience this behavior, contact Technical Support.