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 When I try to lock the Home Connect 620 deadbolt, it makes noises but doesn’t lock.

A: Home Connect 620 may not have been ‘handed’ properly.  (The ‘handing’ process tells the lock which direction to extend the deadbolt.)  Home Connect 620 will automatically determine the bolt direction the first time it is powered up and after the first motorized operation.  If you need to re-hand the lock, please see installation guide.

A: Home Connect 620 might be jamming.  Check that the bolt hole is at least 1” deep so the bolt fully extends.  Check that the door closes properly so that when the deadbolt is extended, it is going into the bolt hole and not hitting the deadbolt strike or door frame.  Check that the mounting screws securing the exterior keypad are not over-tightened.  Please see (link to warp door guide) for additional information.

A: For new installations, please be sure to check that the lock was installed with the latch extended and in the lock position.