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 The Lights On My Kevo Smart Lock Just Spin Blue When I Try To Lock/Unlock My Door

This likely means that the Kevo does not see the smart device or fob or it thinks the smart device/Kevo fob is inside. If you are using a smart device, make sure it is on, that Bluetooth is enabled, that you are signed in to the Kevo app and it is running, either in the background or the foreground.

If using a fob, check to make sure the fob battery is not dead.

If Kevo is still unresponsive, force close the app and restart the app.
You may need to calibrate your device or Kevo fob. If the calibration process fails, indicated by a red flashing light ring at the end of the third touch sequence, attempt the calibration again. If calibration continues to fail, call Kevo support.