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 The Deadbolt Does Not Lock The Door And Kevo Convert Beeps/Lights Up Red.

This is a ‘bolt jam’ alert. It means that Kevo Convert was unable to extend the deadbolt and your door was not locked. This happens when the door was not shut properly and the deadbolt could not fully extend into the strike hole. Make sure the door is shut properly to avoid a ‘bolt jam’.

If you continue to get a bolt jam alert and you find yourself pulling the door shut to avoid a bolt jam, please be aware of the following:

Due to temperature changes and humidity, doors can become ‘warped’. This is common and more likely for older doors. If that happens, you can help Kevo Convert lock your door by making adjustments to the door to better align the deadbolt with the strike hole. Kevo Convert ideally needs to extend the bolt with the least amount of friction possible for the best performance. Also, please note that friction between the bolt and strike can impact the battery performance of Kevo Convert. More friction means that the motor needs to work harder to lock your door, so your battery life may be impacted. Please refer to instructions in the Warped Door Kit Installation Guide for adjusting a warped door.