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 On my Smartcode Touchscreen, the door handing process does not happen automatically when the batteries are installed.

Two reasons:
  1. The handing process may have been executed previously
    Perform the manual door handing process
    If needed, the door handing process can be initiated manually. This is useful if the lock is being moved to a different door
    • Remove battery pack.
    • Press and HOLD the Program button while reinserting the battery pack. Release button once battery pack is installed. The status LED will flash red and green.
    • Press the Program button once more.
    • The latch bolt will extend and retract to learn the orientation of the door. Success: flashing checkmark symbol and single column of digits. Failure: flashing “X” pattern
  2. The battery level is too low.
    This is indicated by the Checkmark and Lock symbols flashing simultaneously five times with five beeps. Use a fresh set of batteries, and perform the door handing process again.