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 On my Smartcode keypad, the lock fails to pair with a smart home system.

Two possible issues:
  1. The lock was not removed completely from another network before being paired with the new network.
    Follow your smart home system’s instructions to remove (exclude/unpair) the device from any other network. Then, attempt to pair (add/include) the lock again.
  2. The lock is not close enough to the controller.
    Some Z-wave systems require that the lock be within 12" of the controller during the pairing process. If the lock has already been installed on the door, remove the interior assembly from the mounting plate. Make sure the batteries are installed, and bring the interior assembly next to the controller. Follow your smart home system’s instructions to begin pairing at the controller. The lock may need to remain stationary for 60 seconds during pairing.
    Note: Some locks have an anti-tamper alarm that will sound if the interior is disconnect from the exterior. If this alarm is heard, perform the following.
    • Remove the battery pack from the interior.
    • Remove the exterior assembly from the door.
    • Connect the cable from the exterior assembly to the interior assembly.
    • Reinstall the battery pack.
    • Perform the pairing process while the interior and exterior are connected