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 On my Smartcode Deadbolt, the deadbolt latch does not extend or retract on its own during the door handing process.

Four possible issues:
1. The door handing process was not performed correctly. Make sure to press and hold the Lock button until the battery pack is fully inserted into the interior assembly and the latch bolt starts to move on its own.
2. The mounting plate is placing tension on the torque blade.
For 913 - See page 10 here.
For 914 - See page 10 here.
For 915 – See page 12 here.
For 916 – See page 12 here.
3. The latch and strike are misaligned, causing the latch to bind. If you have not already done so, perform the door handing process while the door is open. If it is successful only when the door is open, the latch and strike are not aligned as they should be. Ensure door preparation is in accordance with the door drilling instructions, available online
4. The keypad is unresponsive. Make sure switch #3 is on. Use a fresh set of batteries and perform the door handing process. If the latch does not extend or retract, and the lock does not beep, press each individual key on the keypad (one at a time) and listen for beeping sound. If no beeping is heard, this is a keypad error. Contact Technical Support for further troubleshooting.