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 My Kwikset Convert isn't added to my smart home system?

Troubleshooting: Adding the Lock to a Smart Home System
Some Z-Wave® systems require that the lock be within 12" of the controller during the adding process. If this is the case, follow the steps below to remove the lock interior from the door to perform the process closer to the controller:
1. Remove the small screws that secure the interior assembly to the mounting plate.
2. Remove the interior assembly from the door.
3. Hold the interior assembly a maximum of 12" (305 mm) from your smart home controller for the rest of this process.
4. Initiate the process to add the lock to your system at your smart home controller. Refer to your smart home system instructions for more information.
5. When prompted by your smart home system to add the lock, press button “A” on the lock interior one time. The red LED will illuminate when the lock enters Add Mode. Please allow time for the controller to add the lock.
6. Once successful, re-name the lock in your system (if applicable). Then, reinstall the lock interior on the interior assembly