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 I See A Magenta Flash On The Outside Of My Kevo When I Try To Lock/Unlock It

This means that the smart device or Kevo fob that you are using is out of activation range. This range is based on the calibration distance. First try repositioning your smart device or Kevo fob closer to the lock when locking/unlocking. If you are close enough to the door to unlock it manually with a key and you still see the magenta flash, then you should recalibrate your lock. When calibrating, you want to stand at the distance that you normally would when you are locking/unlocking your Kevo with the smart device or Kevo fob in the same location it would normally be (i.e. your pocket, purse or backpack).

If you still see magenta after you've recalibrated, perform the following test: Remove your smart device or Kevo fob from your pocket or purse, hold it up close to outside of the Kevo lock, and touch the deadbolt.

If the light ring no longer flashes magenta, recalibrate your smart device or Kevo fob once more.

If the light ring still flashes magenta, the thinner cable inside the lock could be damaged. Remove the interior assembly from your door and inspect the thinner cable for damage.

If you see damage to the cable or you are still experiencing issues, call Kevo support.