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 I Have Installed My Kevo Smart Lock But The Latch Will Not Correctly Extend Or Retract/I Hear A Clicking Sound

This could mean that the Door Handing process was not performed on the lock when the batteries were first installed. Proceed with the Door Handing process. If the problem persists, check to make sure that the door and strike plate are not misaligned, that the deadbolt can lock and unlock without friction, and that the latch bolt hole in the door jamb is deep enough for the latch bolt.

Door handing instructions:

1. Remove the battery cover.

2. Remove the battery pack from the lock.

3. While holding the Program button, reinsert the battery pack, then release the Program button.

4. Press the Program button once more, and the lock will go through the door handing process.

5. Reinstall the battery cover.