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 How to set locking and unlocking direction on my 275 Contemporary Deadbolt?

How to set a locking and unlocking direction?

  1. To activate the screen, touch screen with palm or back of hand until digits illuminate.
  2. While the door is OPEN and UNLOCKED, activate the screen.
    Enter the following code to teach the lock the orientation of the door:
    • Enter your programming code.
    • Press enter arrow. You will hear one beep.
    • Press 0.
    • Press enter arrow.
  3. The latch bolt will extend and retract. If successful, you will hear 2 beeps. If unsuccessful, you will hear 3 beeps. If batteries are low, you will hear 10 beeps.
    If unsuccessful, make sure the door is unlocked and that you are using a fresh set of batteries.
  4. If successful, activate the screen. Press the Lock symbol. The latch bolt will extend to lock.
  5. Activate the screen. Touch the random digits that appear (this is a security feature that ensures fingerprints are spread around the entire screen). Enter the default User Code (1-2-3-4), then press the Lock symbol. The door will unlock.