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 How to restore default settings on my 275 Contemporary Deadbolt? Perform a factory reset

This procedure will delete all User Codes associated with the lock, and the default Programming Code
(0-0-0-0) and User Code (1-2-3-4) will be restored.
1. Make sure the door is open and unlocked. Press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds, until you hear 3 long beeps.
2. Enter the default Programming Code (O-O-O-0).
3. Press enter arrow. You will hear one beep.
4. Press 0.
5. Press enter arrow. The latch bolt will extend and retract to learn the orientation of the door. If successful, you will hear 2 beeps. If unsuccessful, you will hear 3 beeps (make sure the door is open and unlocked and that you are using a fresh set of batteries).
6. Test the lock: Activate the screen. With the door open and unlocked, press the Lock symbol. Make sure it locks the door.
7. Test the default User Code: Activate the screen. Touch the random digits that appear. Enter the default User Code (1-2-3-4), then press the Lock symbol. Make sure it unlocks the door.
The default Programming Code is 0-0-0-0. It is recommended that you change it to a code of your own.
The lock is pre-programmed with a default User Code of 1-2-3-4. It is recommended that you delete this code.