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 How to link Kevo and Alexa accounts?

Hardware Requirements:

1. Kevo Smart Lock
2. Kevo Plus
3. Echo/Dot

To get started:
1. Install Kevo Smart Lock - check that the Kevo app is able to lock/unlock using Bluetooth.
2. Register an email for the Kevo account and setup a password.
3. Install Kevo Plus – check that the Kevo app is able to “remotely” lock/unlock.
4. Install Echo/Dot and check that Alexa is working properly.
5. Open the Alexa app, click on Home (upper left side), select “Skills” on the menu.
6. Search for “Kevo” – once the Kevo skill is certified by Amazon. Developer version will show up under “Your Skills” section once enabled for testing in the “Test” section of the Alexa Skills Kit submission.
7. Enable the Kevo skill in the Alexa app

8. Within the Alexa app, link your Kevo Smart Lock account and give the skill permission to access your locks and establish an unlock pin.


9. Once your Kevo account is linked you can issue voice commands to Alexa as outlined below:

Interaction Examples:

  • Alexa, ask Kevo to list my locks.
  • Alexa, ask Kevo for the status of the front door.
  • Alexa, ask Kevo to lock my front door.
  • Alexa, ask Kevo to unlock my front door.

NOTE:  Unlocking will require an additional PIN for security.