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 How to enable/disable programming code on my SmartCode 955?

1) A programming code enables you to make changes without needing to access the programming button. This is ideal for landlords to allow programming from the outside, without access to the interior program button.
Please note that once a programming code is enabled, the program button is disabled and can be used only to factory reset the lock.
2) Make sure the door is open. Press and release the program button using the Smartkey tool or a paper clip. You will hear two beeps.
3) Press 3. You will hear once short beep and the keypad will flash green.
4) Press Kwikset button.
5) Enter a programming code. It will be between 4-8 digits. The programming code cannot be the same as any user code.
6) Press Kwikset button.
7) Re-enter programming code.
8) Press Kwikset button. You will hear one long beep and the keypad will flash green if successful. If you hear three beeps and the keypad flashes red, it was unsuccessful. Repeat from step 1.