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 How to add a permanent or one-time user code on my SmartCode 955?

  1. Make sure the door is open
  2. If you have enabled a programming code, enter your programming code, then press Kwikset. You will hear one short beep and then keypad will flash green.
  3. Press 1 to add a permanent user code that can be used for entry at all times, until deleted.
    Press 7 to add a one-time user code. A one-time user code may be used only once, which will be deleted immediately after used (typically used in emergency causes when you need to give one-time access to a person).
    You will hear one short beep and the keypad will flash green.
  4. Press Kwikset
  5. Enter a new user code. It must be between 4- 8 digits. For security reasons, the first 4 digits of each user code must be unique. For example, you are unable to program a user code 4-8-1-5-1 as well as a user code 4-8-1-5-2.
  6. Press Kwikset. You will hear one long beep and the keypad will flash green if successful. If you hear three beeps and the keypad flashed red, it was unsuccessful. Repeat from step 1.