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 How Do I Set Up A Passcode For The Kevo App?

1. Log in to your Kevo mobile app.

2. Go to Menu > Settings > Security Settings > PASSCODE

3. Tap the on-off switch at the bottom of the screen to turn the passcode function on.

4. When the number pad comes up on your screen, enter a four-digit number that you can easily remember. After you enter it the first time, you will have to re-enter it a second time to confirm.

5. After you have confirmed the passcode, you will be redirected back to the security settings screen.

The passcode will now be required to open the app or change/turn off the passcode function. We recommend using the passcode function as an additional line of security if your smart device is lost or stolen, or if others may use it. If you forget your passcode, you will have 5 chances to enter the passcode correctly before being redirected to the log in screen. Upon logging in successfully, your passcode will be automatically turned off and you will have to set it again.

NOTE: You cannot edit your mobile app passcode from the Kevo web portal.