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 How Do I Improve The Reliability Of The “Touch-To-Open” Functionality In my Kevo Smart Lock?

For your convenience, we've created an easy to follow interactive guide. Please follow the steps outlined below to re-calibrate a phone or fob.

Remove the interior cover and press and release the calibration button - for Kevo 1 – “CALIBRATE” button, Kevo 2 and Convert – “B” button
NOTE: The button will reset the lock’s current calibration settings.
Re-install the cover.
Go outside with the phone or fob.
Place your phone or fob in the front pocket.
Stand at extended arm’s length and touch the deadbolt to lock and unlock 10 times.
NOTE: The learning algorithm in the lock will learn the distance and requires a minimum 10 times to establish a baseline for the proper distance.
For best results, use the same position each time you lock and unlock the door.