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 How do I delete all user codes on my SmartCode?

Deleting All User Codes with the Mastercode Enabled
1. Keep door open. Press the Program button once. The keypad will flash green and you will hear three beeps.
2. Press Lock button once.
3. Enter Mastercode
4. Press Lock button once
5. Press “9” six times.
6. Press Lock button once
7. Press “9” six times.
8. Press Lock button once.
If programming is successful, the keypad will flash green once with one beep.
If programming is unsuccessful, the keypad will fl ash red three times with three beeps. Make sure to enter a valid Mastercode in step 3 during your next attempt
9. Press the Lock button while the door is open and unlocked. If the latch bolt does not extend to lock, then all codes have been successfully deleted.