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 For my Kevo and IFTTT integration, what do I need for the setup?

All you need is a Kevo Smart Lock, a smart device with an active data connection, an active Kevo user account and an active IFTTT account. Everything for IFTTT is managed by using IFTTT.com or the IFTTT mobile app.
Kevo uses your smart device to transmit your triggers to the Kevo cloud, and from there it triggers IFTTT to communicate with other devices. No additional device is required.
When connected to IFTTT the Kevo Smart Lock becomes a trigger device that communicates to another device on the IFTTT web service to execute an action. Example recipes are:
-Lock Kevo Smart Lock and automatically turn Philips Hue Lights off
-Unlock Kevo Smart Lock and automatically turn a device that is plugged into a Wemo smart plug on