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 For my Kevo Account, How To Change The Name Or Phone Number On Your Kevo Account

1. Log in to your Kevo mobile app. NOTE: You cannot edit notifications from the Kevo web portal.

2. Go to Menu > Notifications. Click on the gear symbol with the "+" sign in the top right corner, then tap the "+" symbol that appears in the same place on the screen.

3. Select the user and lock you want to receive the notification about. You can only choose to receive notifications for locks for which you are either an Owner or an Admin.

4. Next, choose the event for which you'd like to receive notifications, either Lock or Unlock.

5. To choose between receiving notifications all day or for a custom time period, tap "Time of Day" and either "ALL DAY" or "CUSTOM".

6. Name the custom notification, then select "CREATE NOTIFICATION" to complete the process. Once you have set up your custom notification, you will receive a notification when that person performs the event selected during the time period selected.

NOTE: At this time, notifications can only be set up for actions by smart devices.