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 Check Wi-Fi Connectivity If “Siri” Commands Are Not Working for your Premis Lock

  1. Within Bluetooth range and line of sight of the Premis lock, check that Siri is able to lock/unlock using the command: “Siri, lock or unlock the front door.”
  2. If Siri commands are only working within Bluetooth range but not remotely, check the following:
    • Check that the hardware versions of Apple TV (4th Gen or later), HomePod(1st Gen or later), or iPad (4 or later) supports HomeKit.
    • Confirm that Apple TV is running on tvOS 10.2 or later and iPad 4 is using iOS 10.3 or later)
    • Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad need to be in Bluetooth range and line of sight to the Premis lock.
    • Check that both Premis lock and hub (Apple TV, HomePod, iPad) is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and using the same Apple ID.