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The Smart Alternative to master keying

Increased security with keyless convenience

Add a level of security and style to your home with the SmartCode® touchpad electronic lever.

SmartCode Lever FAQs

How many codes can be programmed into the system?

The SmartCode unit has a four-code capacity. Each code can be between 4 and 8 digits long.

During installation, will there need to be any wiring done?

No. The SmartCode unit does not require any external wiring or power supply. The unit runs off of four AA alkaline batteries.

How do I get into my house if the batteries die?

The SmartCode unit comes with a backup keyway in case the batteries die or you forget your code. This will allow the latch to function like any ordinary latch. A low-battery indicator light will warn you when your batteries run low. At this point, you should replace all four batteries for optimal performance.

I am having trouble setting my security code. What should I do?

The most common problem customers face when entering the security code is letting too much time elapse between pushing the programming button on the interior power board and entering their security codes. You only have three seconds between these two steps for your code to be accepted. If you speed up and are still unsuccessful, do not hesitate to call Kwikset Customer Service at 1-800-327-LOCK.

In what finishes is SmartCode available?

You can get the SmartCode in three finishes: Lifetime Brass (LO3), Satin Nickel (US15) and Venetian Bronze (11P).