Make Life More Connected

Compatible with Apple® HomeKit™, Premis connects to your favorite Apple products.

  • Lock & unlock your door remotely from your iPhone or iOS device.
  • Backed by end-to-end encryption and SmartKey™ Security to prevent traditional forced entry methods.
  • Promises an easy DIY installation with no hardwiring.

Unlock With a Touch

When life keeps your hands full, come home with Kevo 2nd Gen.

  • Powered by Bluetooth®, Touch-to-Open™ technology lets you lock & unlock without taking out your smartphone.*
  • Security features include military-grade PKI encryption, inside-outside technology, and SmartKey Security.
  • Get notifications and check if your door is locked or unlocked from your phone.

*Remote locking and unlocking available with Kevo Plus. Sold separately.

Make Your Lock Smart

With Kevo Convert, keep your lock’s style but upgrade its convenience.

  • Make your existing deadbolt a smart lock by replacing only the interior hardware.
  • With no hardwiring, Kevo Convert features an easy DIY installation.
  • Lock & unlock from your smartphone within Bluetooth® range.*

*Remote locking and unlocking available with Kevo Plus. Sold separately.

Low-Profile, Key-Free Design

The Obsidian Smart Lock is revolutionizing home design.

  • A sleek, key-free design and SecureScreen technology eliminate the threat of break-ins.
  • Obsidian with Home Connect™ technology works with other Z-Wave®-compatible products in your home.*
  • With Home Connect technology, lock & unlock, send user codes, and check your lock status from your smartphone.

*Also available as a touchscreen lock without Z-Wave compatibility and smart home connectivity.