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955 SmartCode Electronic Pembroke Lever

955PML 15

Switch between three entry modes

Property managers can take advantage of three different locking modes for the most fitting application of this electronic lever for their properties.

Auto Lock

The lock can be set to stay locked after every entry and exit. A key or code is required for entry each time. This is ideal for garage, side or back doors, and storage sheds.

side door

Side doors

garage door

Interior garage doors


The lock can be set to stay unlocked. No key or code required for access. This is ideal of internal office spaces that allow access at any time.


Office Spaces

Disable Passage

Property managers can set to 'Disable Passage Mode' so that it auto-locks every time and a key or code is always required for entry. This is ideal for restrooms in restaurants and gas stations, and utility closets.



gas pump

Gas Stations

SmartCode 955 is perfect for...

  • Kwikset Icon: Small Businesses


  • Kwikset Icon: Utility Room


  • Kwikset Icon: Public Restroom


  • Kwikset Icon: Interior Garage Door


  • Kwikset Icon: Storage Closets


  • Kwikset Icon: Vacation Rental


You control who comes and goes.

30 User Codes

Customize up to 30 unique user codes for controlled access.

Programming Code

Optional programming code allows for management of lock settings from the exterior keypad instead of the programming button in the interior.

Designed for the needs of commercial use.

This commercial grade lever has been tested to 500,000 cycles and is BHMA certified. It has the strength and durability optimized for commercial applications, with the convenience of keyless entry.

ANSI Grade UL listed accessible

Upgrade your home for greater peace of mind.

The SmartCode 955 electronic lever has been tested in three areas most important to homeowners like you: security, durability, and finish. It has the highest residential security rating to keep you safe and secure.

Additional Features

  • Kwikset Icon: Battery

    3-year Battery Life

    The 9V battery will last up to three years, depending on lock usage

  • Kwikset Icon: Reversible Lever

    Reversible Lever

    Reversible lever to fit right-hand and left-hand doors

  • Kwikset Icon: Emergency User Code

    Emergency User Code

    Optional one-time access code for emergencies

  • Kwikset Icon: Disable Keypad

    Disable Keypad

    Keypad can be disabled entirely for entry using key only for long periods of inaccessibility

The Locksmith's Choice.

We challenged locksmiths at the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) to a picking and bumping contest pitted against the Kwikset SmartKey 980 Deadbolt.

Re-Key to any KW1 Keyway Key

While re-keying your door lock is not a requirement of lock installation, SmartKey allows you to quickly and easily reset your lock's cylinder to work with any KW1 Keyway key.


  • Explore the benefits of SmartCode 955
  • Robust metallic design for enhanced durabilty
  • BHMA Commercial grade 2 certified
  • BHMA certified AAA - Highest residential security, durability and finish ratings
  • 3 year battery life
  • Reversible lever for left-hand or right-hand doors
  • Property managers can disable the Passage Mode so that it auto-locks every ime and a key or code is required for entry
  • Meets or exceeds Underwriter Laboratories (UL) testing requirements for 20 min fire rating.
  • Keypad stays lit for 5 seconds after inactivity
  • against advanced break-in techniques and allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds
  • SmartKey Security™ re-key technology is compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway
  • Keyed lever operated by key outside or electronic keypad
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Easily installs in minutes with just a screwdriver on a standard door (1 3/8" - 1 3/4" thich) and 2 1/8" cross bore hole

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