Re-key Savings Calculator

Use our calculator to compare the cost of a traditional pin & tumbler re-key vs Kwikset re-key technology.

The Kwikset Re-key Technology Savings Calculator Results

Kwikset’s SmartKey Re-key Technology enables building managers the ability to reset their security be re-keying their locks quickly and easily, thereby rendering lost, loaned or unreturned keys useless. While re-keying your door lock is not a requirement of lock installation, it allows a quick and easy reset of the lock’s cylinder to work with a new and different Kwikset key.

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Your Savings

45 minutes

$125 labor costs

Key Control Deadbolt 5 Min
Traditional Pin & Tumbler 50 Min
Based on
  • $25 Labor cost/lock
  • 10 Minutes to re-key
  • 5 Number of locks
Name 555-555-5555 Company Name Title of Sales Rep

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