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Obsidian Electronic Lock from Kwikset is Available for Purchase Starting Today

LAS VEGAS (January 9, 2018)  — The Kwikset® brand of Spectrum Brands, Inc. – Hardware & Home Improvement Division cemented itself as a leader in door hardware innovation more than 70 years ago, decades before introducing a category of Bluetooth-enabled smart locks and securing its leadership position as one of the longest-running smart lock exhibitors at CES. The company has been committed to delivering smart and secure door hardware solutions to its consumers since its inception. 

In 1946, innovation meant pioneering the first tubular lock, named “Kwikset” to underscore the quick installation. Fifty years later, Kwikset introduced its first remote keyless entry deadbolt and handleset, setting the industry benchmark for a new category of convenience-oriented security products. Fast forward to 2018, Kwikset has significant leadership in the space, with more than 130 smart locks and smart lock solutions available to consumers at a variety of price points.

While manufacturer sales of connected home and security hardware totaled $7.6 billion in 2016, propelled by growth exceeding 20 percent in 2014 and 2015 (Mintel, Smart Homes US 2017), there is still room to grow. In fact, smart home hardware composes only about two percent of total household expenditures (Mintel, Smart Homes US 2017). Kwikset is committed to capturing mass market share to ensure homeowners and renters across the country have access to door hardware solutions that are secure, innovative, durable and stylish. 

Brand Values and Commitment to Innovation

Security: As a legacy security company, Kwikset is committed to delivering unmatched security features to homeowners and renters, and puts its customers’ safety above all else. The brand continuously improves the security features in its products to meet or exceed industry standards. Kwikset regularly consults with the nation’s best security experts, government and independent white hat groups, and locksmiths to refine and enhance its products. Kwikset is the only lock manufacturer that delivers SmartKey Security™, which uniquely protects against lock picking and bumping, two of the more common forms of lock break-ins. In addition, SmartKey Security provides homeowners the ability to easily re-key the lock themselves to render lost or unreturned keys useless. SmartKey Security comes standard in all keyed entry Kwikset electronic and smart locks. Kwikset is also the only lock manufacturer to offer patented SecureScreen™ technology to consumers in all touchscreen electronic deadbolts. SecureScreen helps prevent against unwanted entry commonly associated with other touchscreen products as users are prompted to touch two random numbers before entering their access code to encourage fingerprints across the screen.

Innovation: Kwikset is dedicated to putting countless hours of research and development into simplifying the lives of its customers. The technology that the brand creates doesn’t just change the way locks work and communicates with other household electronics, it provides convenient features that change the way people live. One such innovation is a unique Touch-to-Open™ feature found in the company’s Kevo™ smart locks. Touch-to-Open technology, which was developed in partnership with UniKey, allows the homeowner to lock or unlock the door with the touch of a finger to the smart lock when an authorized device is within Bluetooth range, eliminating the need to fumble for keys. Kwikset was the first to introduce this technology in 2013 and has since incorporated it into several generations and style expansions of the product.

Durable: With every turn, Kwikset locks must prove to be strong, secure and reliable. All Kwikset products undergo rigorous third-party testing and environmental testing, including UV exposure, temperature cycling and humidity testing, to ensure that they can withstand whatever life throws at it, and its electronic smart lock collection is no different. Kwikset electronic locks also meet or exceed ANSI/BHMA standards, which are tested in the company’s certified in-house test facility. Through a single-minded focus on quality, Kwikset has been able to ensure maximum performance under real-life conditions and its collection of electronic smart locks continue this tradition.

Stylish: Kwikset products are designed so that its customers never have to sacrifice security for style. The door hardware products are designed to welcome people in and set a home apart. Kwikset’s Obsidian™ electronic deadbolt and smart lock are the latest style innovations from the brand. Obsidian is the first Kwikset electronic deadbolt to forego traditional keys in favor of a low-profile design, offering homeowners who love modern design and technology a stylish and secure option for their doors. The lock projects less than an inch off the door and features a crisp white LED display designed for both day and night lighting. 

Kwikset will be showcasing its latest smart door lock solutions at its booth in the Smart Home Marketplace, CES Tech West (#41018). Featured products at the booth will include Obsidian electronic deadbolt and smart lock with the latest Z-Wave 500 chipset, and the brand’s Kevo portfolio of Touch-to-Open smart locks and smart lock conversion kits. Kwikset will also feature a new smart home experience for attendees to view and explore product innovations with leading partners.

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About Kwikset

Kwikset is the leading residential lock manufacturer, making homeowners feel safe since 1946. Kwikset works hard to understand the world you live in, so that we can do everything we can to protect it. The company’s unwavering commitment to meeting homeowners’ needs has inspired its innovative lock portfolio that includes patented SmartKey deadbolts, keyless entry combination locks, connected home technology, first-to-market smart lock, Kevo and a wide variety of styles and finishes. Our interior and exterior door products provide customers with the quality, technology, durability and style they want while guaranteeing the highest level of security. Headquartered in Orange County, Calif., Kwikset is part of the Hardware and Home Improvement (HHI) division of Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SPB). Kwikset products are sold online and through retailers and distributors throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia. Visit us at and

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