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The one-of-a-kind Bluetooth®-enabled Kevo deadbolt allows for an entirely new interface for keys, using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy™ 4.0 Smart technology. The Kevo mobile app turns a compatible smartphone into an electronic key (eKey). The technology allows you to simply touch your door lock, as it recognizes your eKey and unlocks (or locks) the door, without removing the smartphone from your pocket or purse. 

Additionally, Kevo offers: 

  • Inside-Outside Technology: Kevo offers patent-pending intelligent positioning technology that detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home before granting access, to help prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Kevo Mobile App: Download the free mobile app from compatible smartphone app marketplaces, such as the Apple App Store. The app is used for initial setup, locking & unlocking, sending, disabling and deleting eKeys: viewing history of lock activity: and setting up other configurable features and options of the smart lock. The Kevo app runs in the background on your device, there is no need to open the app to enter your home. For added security, users have the option to set a passcode that requires entering a 4-digit PIN to access the app.
  • eKey: Through patent-pending touch-to-open technology developed by UniKey Technologies, Inc., a user’s smartphone acts as an electronic key (eKey) that can lock or unlock the door when the user touches the smart lock. Kevo locks or unlocks only if the user is authorized and has an authorized mobile device within range.
  • Custom Notifications: Administrators will receive the system’s default notifications when eKeys are sent and received and can set up push notifications through the Kevo mobile app to be notified when the door is locked or unlocked by selected eKey holders. Administrators can also set up custom notifications to monitor a specific eKey holder’s interaction with the lock during a specified time frame.
  • History Log: A history of the lock’s activity may be viewed through the Kevo mobile app or web portal. The history log provides the times and dates that eKeys were sent and received as well as when eKey holders locked and unlocked the door.
  • Kevo Web Portal: Mobile app users can also access their accounts through the Kevo web portal ( on a computer or mobile device. The user can send, disable and delete eKeys through the portal and even delete a lost or stolen smartphone.
  • Multiple Users: Controlling access to the home is now more convenient than ever. eKeys can be sent to family, friends and guests with Kevo-compatible smartphones. Several levels of permissions for eKeys exist inside the Kevo mobile app. The Owner and Admin eKey types have the authorization to purchase, send, disable and delete eKeys, view a lock’s history and receive notifications. Anytime eKey holders have only locking and unlocking capabilities.
  • Compatibility: Kevo is compatible with smartphones that support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 and have the Kevo mobile app installed. The app is currently available for iPhone® 4S, 5, 5c, and 5s, as well as the fifth generation iPod® touch, third generation or higher iPad® and iPad mini. The app will become available for additional platforms, pending software upgrades to fully support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0. App development for Android and Blackberry is currently underway in anticipation of this support.
  • Kevo Fob: The Kevo fob is an active Bluetooth Smart device that provides the same touch-to-open convenience as an authorized smartphone. The fob that comes with the deadbolt is pre-enrolled with the lock, so users are only required to press and release the fob’s enroll button to activate. The Kevo fob battery is replaceable, and additional fobs are available for purchase. Great for users without compatible devices.
  • Audio/Visual Indicators: Kevo features visual and optional audio indicators that communicate smart lock activity and battery status to the user. When an authorized user touches Kevo to unlock it, the light ring will spin blue, then flash green twice and beep twice before the door unlocks. When locking the door from the outside, authorized users touch the deadbolt and the light ring spins blue then flashes amber once and beeps once as it locks. A complete audio/visual chart of all lights and sounds in the Kevo system is available in the Troubleshooting Guide here.
  • Triple Touch Lock: Users have the option to enable the Triple Touch Lock feature that allows you to lock the door from the outside without the use of an authorized smartphone or fob. This feature is great for house guests that you would like to lock the door on their way out, but don’t want to deal with leaving them a key to place under the mat. To lock the door with this feature, touch the deadbolt three times, pausing briefly between each touch. The light ring will spin blue, flash amber and beep once before locking.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology: Bluetooth 4.0 is an advancement in Bluetooth technology, addressing the demands of today’s mobile devices while consuming minimal battery power.
  • Security Validation: Kevo provides multiple levels of advanced security and is continually reviewed by industry leading independent security experts.
  • Battery Power: Kevo functions on 4 AA batteries for up to a year with normal usage, and is not reliant on a home’s power or Internet for core function. When Kevo batteries start to run low, Kevo will provide on-going indicators including a visual red light on the deadbolt, as well as in-app alerts and notifications.
  • Simple Installation: Kevo was designed with simplicity in mind. Replacing a standard deadbolt requires only a single Phillips head screwdriver and less than ten minutes of installation time.
  • SmartKey®_Re-Key Technology: Kwikset’s patented SmartKey technology provides superior security and re-keying convenience unlike any other smart lock on the market.
    • Pick-Resistance: SmartKey locks have passed the most stringent lock-picking standard, UL 437, par. 11.6.
    • Bump-Proof: The BumpGuard™ component of SmartKey incorporates a patented side locking bar which replaces the traditional pin and tumbler design, to prevent lock-bumping.
    • Key Control: SmartKey technology provides peace of mind with a simple and convenient re-keying procedure if keys are lost, stolen or unreturned. Homeowners can re-key a Kevo lock in seconds, without removing it from the door or calling a locksmith.

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