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Home Safety Tips for Keyless Home Access System

Home Safety Tips for Keyless Home Access System

Home Security with the Kwikset Powerbolt® 1000

Lake Forest, CA – September 2004 - Installing a keyless entry device on a home isn’t a substitute for good home safety habits. Follow these safety tips to keep your family safe and secure.

  • Protect your home security access number.
  • Teach children how to lock and unlock the deadbolt.
  • If you program a second access number for visitors or service workers, reset the code after they leave.
  • Do not carry security access number in wallets, purses or programmed into mobile phones.
  • Only disclose your security access number to those you trust.
  • Use the maximum eight-digit security access number to improve home security.
  • Avoid using your street address, ZIP code, phone number or personally identifiable numbers as your code
  • Resetting your security code is easy. Change it twice a year, and anytime you suspect your code may have become known.
  • Keep your doors locked. The FBI reports that nearly one-third of all burglaries occur through unlocked doors and windows.

The Kwikset Powerbolt 1000 touchpad electronic deadbolt puts keyless home access at your fingertips. The touchpad is easy for everyone in the family to use and is great for kids.

The Kwikset Powerbolt 1000 is easy to program. It has about fifty-million security code combinations and can be programmed with four-to-eight digit security codes. Homeowners can easily program a secondary security code that allows guests or service people temporary entry.

The Kwikset Powerbolt® 1000 sounds an alarm after three consecutive incorrect security code attempts, and has a low battery indicator light.

There’s hardly a door that Kwikset can’t make more attractive or more secure. For more than fifty years Kwikset has meant security and peace of mind for millions of families. No wonder more people trust their doors, inside and out, to the beauty and strength of Kwikset. America’s #1 Selling Lockset.

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