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Kwik-Safe Home Security Check Can Improve Home Protection By More Than 50-Percent

Kwik-Safe Home Security Check Can Improve Home Protection By More Than 50-Percent

Bob Stuber Provides Safety Tips in Kwikset Crime Prevention Program

Lake Forest, CA – February 2004 – A home safety education program is available for community safety groups, teachers and crime prevention officers. The Kwikset Kwik-Safe Home Safety program features a video with home safety expert Bob Stuber who identifies the most important steps people can take to protect their homes and families.

“Criminals don't want to get caught, and forcing them to make decisions during a crime increases the likelihood of hindering the act,” says safety expert Bob Stuber. “The Kwikset Kwik-Safe program starts by helping people identify how to force criminals to make decisions that thwart crimes and dramatically improve home safety.”

The Kwik-Safe Home Safety program begins with three fundamentals:

K: Keep your doors and windows locked all the time, day and night
E: Examine your door hardware and replace old locks with new ones
Y: Your home security is about you, your family and your property

"By following the KEY principles of the Kwik-Safe program, potential burglars who are approaching their intended victim's residence are forced to make yes/no and logistical decisions," says Bob Stuber. "These decisions require criminals to reassess their actions leading up to and during their crime. This type of planned defense is the cornerstone of crime prevention, especially with crimes like burglary, larceny and theft.”

The Kwik-Safe program is a full education initiative that includes a Home-Safety video, 10 Things You Must Know About Home Security safety brochure and related home safety literature. The program is available to law enforcement professionals, community safety leaders and teachers free of charge from Kwikset (order at

Working with Kwikset, Bob Stuber developed the program’s fundamentals in an effort to re-educate people with the essential, yet often overlooked principals of home safety. Stuber’s partnership with Kwikset builds on the company’s long-standing commitment to provide educational resources to crime prevention leaders for use in their communities.

“Combining our commitment to crime prevention with Mr. Stuber’s expertise gave our crime prevention program a whole new dimension,” says Kwikset Vice President Mike Birch. “Stuber’s approach to preventing the crime in the mind of the criminal fit perfectly with our business approach which resists attacks through the use of extremely high quality home security equipment.”

“With the help of Mr. Stuber, Kwikset has reached a new level in its commitment to improve the safety of families and to provide peace of mind to those who select Kwikset locks to protect their property.” Birch concluded.

Parties who are interested in learning more about home safety can visit the Kwikset website where tips on home safety including the 10 Things You Must Know About Home Security are posted. Orders for the free program can be submitted online at the Kwikset website or by writing to Kwik-Safe Information Request, 19701 DaVinci, Lake Forest, California, 92610.

Kwikset has been a leader in the lockset industry for more than 50 years. The company manufactures and markets a complete line of door hardware, including handlesets, knobs, levers, deadbolts, and pocket door hardware for the residential and light commercial markets, under the Kwikset UltraMax Security™, Kwikset Maximum Security™, Kwikset Security™, and Society Brass Collection® brands.

Kwikset is part of the Black & Decker Corporation's Hardware & Home Improvement Group, headquartered in Lake Forest, California.

For more information about Kwikset products, visit or call 1-800-327-LOCK.

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