Locking and Unlocking from your phone

Within Bluetooth range, you can use the free Kwikset App on your phone to control the lock.

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Share access with others

You can customize user codes, schedule access, and share lock management using the Kwikset App, all within Bluetooth range.

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How it Works

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Mobile Device

Using the Kwikset App within Bluetooth range of your lock, you can lock or unlock your deadbolt from your smart phone.

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Between your smart phone and the smart lock, Bluetooth technology allows you to execute commands from the Kwikset App within Bluetooth range.

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AURA Smart Lock

Kwikset's AURA smart lock responds to your command. Confirmation of a successful lock or unlock is sent back to your smart phone.

Additional Features

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Motorized Mechanism

Enables true remote locking and unlocking

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View Event Logs

See user codes used and when (within Bluetooth range)

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Bluetooth-enabled smart lock

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User Codes

250 user codes with optional Mastercode feature for added security

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You've got a backup keyway

Kwikset's patented SmartKey Security™ protects against advanced break-in techniques and allows you to re-key your lock yourself in seconds.

Available Finishes

Aura Wifi Lock - Satin Nickel Finish Satin Nickel
Aura Wifi Lock - Venetian Bronze Finish Venetian Bronze