Note: Beeping will not be heard if the lock’s sound is muted.

Touchscreen digits showing X-pattern


Flashes 1 time with 1 beep
Incorrect user code entered.
Flashes 3 times with 3 beeps
  • No user codes programmed.
  • Programming timeout after 20 seconds.
  • Unsuccessful programming.
Flashes 15 times with 15 beeps
3 incorrect codes entered within 1 minute (you may re-enter code after 60 second touchscreen lockout).
Checkmark and lock symbols illuminated

Checkmark & Lock

Flashing simultaneously 5 times with long continuous beep
Low battery.
Alternate flashing 5 times with long continuous beep
Door jammed while attempting to lock.

Beeping only

Lock beeps continuously
Tamper alarm sounds when cable is disconnected. Remove the battery pack, reconnect the cable, and reinstall the battery pack.