How long will the lock operate on a set of batteries?

Based on 10 operations per day, a single, new set of Alkaline batteries will operate the lock for over a year.

What type of batteries do you recommend?

For best results, use new non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries only.

I am planning to be away for several months. Will my lock operate when I get back?

When the system is idling, it consumes minimum power (very close to battery self-discharge rate). With a new set of alkaline batteries, the lock should be operable after years of idle.

I replaced my batteries less than a year ago and need to replace them again.

Check your door alignment. If the deadbolt makes several unsuccessful attempts to lock or unlock the door, it may mean that the door is warped and the latch does not line up correctly with the strike. Operating the lock excessively reduces battery life. Avoid turning on the touchscreen unnecessarily.

What settings should I use to get the maximum battery life out of my lock?

Disable the Status LED, Auto-Lock, SecureScreen, and mute the sound of the lock inside the Premis App.