• How can I unlock the Fingerprint lock?­

    Fingerprint lock can be unlocked using your registered fingerprint, Kwikset App, or traditional key.
  • Can any fingerprint be used for unlocking the lock?

    Any fingerprint that is registered on the lock can be used for unlocking, however, for locking any fingerprint even if not registered will be able to lock.
  • How many fingerprints can the lock hold?

    The lock can register up to 100 fingerprint scans or up to 50 users per lock.
  • Are the fingerprint scan kept on the Kwikset Cloud?

    For additional security, fingerprint scans are kept locally in the lock and not stored in the Kwikset Cloud.
  • Can I use the Kwikset app to manage the Fingerprint lock?

    Yes, the Kwikset app will be able to manage the Fingerprint lock, as well as Halo and Aura.
  • What styles will be available?

    Both Traditional and Contemporary Styling will be available for the Fingerprint lock.
  • What finish will be available for the Fingerprint lock?

    Traditional will come in Satin Nickell (15) and Venetian Bronze (11P), while Contemporary will offer Satin Nickel(15) and Iron Black (514).
  • Can you control the smart locks using voice control?­

    Support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will be available when the product is launched.
  • What is the target launch date for the Fingerprint lock?

    The fingerprint lock will be available in 2020.
  • Do I need a hub to connect the fingerprint lock?

    The fingerprint lock has Wi-Fi capability like Halo so that it can connect directly to a Wi-Fi network.
  • How are the locks powered?

    Fingerprint Smart Locks are powered by four AA batteries.
  • How long do the batteries last?

    Batteries will last between approximately 6 months.
  • How much does this lock cost?

    Currently, the suggested retail price for the fingerprint lock is $249.