• What is Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

    Halo is Kwikset’s Wi-Fi smart lock. There are two models – a touchscreen and a keypad – and works with the Kwikset App which allows a user to remotely lock and unlock the deadbolt, program custom access codes with schedules, view lock event history, and even share management of the lock with others.
  • How do I lock the Halo deadbolt?

    The Halo deadbolt can be locked using the Kwikset app. From the outside, Halo has a convenient 1-touch locking button on the keypad to easily lock the deadbolt or with a key. From the inside, Halo can be locked using the sleek turnpiece. Additionally, the lock features Auto Lock which will automatically lock after a preset time delay.
  • How do I unlock the Halo deadbolt?

    The Halo deadbolt can be unlocked using the Kwikset app. From the outside, Halo can be unlocked via an access code or with a key. From the inside, Halo can be locked using the sleek turnpiece.
  • How do I add access codes to Halo?

    Use the Kwikset App to add access codes to your Halo lock once you’ve added the lock to your account. Please see Halo Touchscreen install guide or Halo Keypad install guide.
  • Can I manage access codes (add, edit, or delete) when I’m not home?

    Yes, Halo has Wi-Fi built-in to connect with your existing home Wi-Fi network which will allow you to manage access codes even when you’re not at home.
  • Can I add more than one lock to the app?

    Yes, you can add multiple locks to a single app/account. You can also create multiple locations (called “Homes”) to a single app/account and each Home can have multiple locks.
  • How many smartphones can be paired to a lock?

    Each lock can pair with up to eight (8) smartphones at a time.
  • How is the Halo powered?

    The Halo deadbolt is powered by 4xAA batteries. For best performance, we highly recommend alkaline batteries from a major brand. Do not use re-chargeable or lithium ion batteries.
  • How will I know if the batteries are low?

    Halo will notify you of low batteries with audio and visual cues at the lock at three different low battery levels as well as alert you through the Kwikset App.
  • Will I lose my access codes if I change my batteries?

    No, access codes will not be lost if the batteries die or are removed.
  • Will I receive notifications on my phone when something happens?

    Yes, you will receive notifications about lock and account events.
  • Does Halo work with other smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

    Yes, Halo smart locks integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    View instructions to enable Amazon Alexa here.
    View instructions to enable Google Assistant here.
  • Can I control Halo from anywhere?

    Halo has Wi-Fi built-in so you can connect it to your existing home Wi-Fi network so you can control and manage the lock from your smartphone anywhere you have an Internet connection. Some features, such as setting Auto Lock, may require you to be within Bluetooth range.
  • Will I be able to share eKeys like with Kevo?

    Halo does not use the same cloud and Bluetooth design as Kevo and therefore does not use eKeys.
  • How do I grant guests access if there are no eKeys?

    To grant guests access, you can unlock Halo remotely using the Kwikset App or add and share access codes (with or without specific schedules) with your guest.
  • How many access codes does Halo support?

    Halo supports 250 access codes.
  • Can I set different access code schedules to control who and when guests have access?

    Yes, using the Kwikset App, you can create scheduled access codes that limit access by date range, days of week, and time of day. Some schedules can be recurring which is perfect for service providers such as dog walkers and cleaners.
  • Can I control multiple Halo locks on different homes using the same app and account?

    Yes, you can create and control multiple Halo deadbolts on different homes from the same app and account.
  • What finishes does Halo come in?

    Halo Touchscreen is available in Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Iron Black. Halo Keypad is available in Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze.
  • Can I control Halo with my smart device?

    Yes, you can control Halo with your smartphone using the Kwikset App.
  • Can the Halo deadbolt be picked or bumped?

    Halo uses the latest Kwikset keyway technology to protect against picking and bumping.
  • Can the Halo keyway cylinder be re-keyed?

    Halo incorporates Kwikset’s patented SmartKey technology which allows users to re-key the cylinder in less than a minute.
  • Can I see the history of who came and went (lock activities)?

    Yes, you can see the history of lock activities using the Kwikset App.
  • Do I need to remove the entire interior cover to change the batteries?

    No, you do not need to remove the entire interior cover to change the batteries. Remove the security screw securing the black RF window to the interior cover so the black RF window can be pushed up to expose the battery pack tab. Use the tab to pull the battery pack up for quick access to the batteries. For detailed instructions on how to remove the security screw, please see Halo Touchscreen install guide or Halo Keypad install guide.
  • How do I unlock Halo if the batteries die?

    Halo can be unlocked with a key.
  • What temperature and humidity ranges can Aura operate within?

    Exterior: Temperature -40°F to 150°F; Humidity 100% condensing

    Interior: 32°F to 140°F; Humidity 30% - 95% non-condensing
  • Which smartphones does the Kwikset App work with?

    The Kwikset App is available for both iOS and Android devices. Visit www.kwikset.com/halo/devices to see a full list of compatible devices.
  • What’s the warranty on Halo?

    Halo is covered by Kwikset’s Finish and Mechanical Lifetime Warranty and one-year Electronic Warranty
  • Can I share management of the lock with others?

    Yes. Sharing homes with others will share all locks within that home, and depending on their access level, they may be able to add/edit/delete access codes and share management of the home to others.
  • Does Halo work outside the United States and Canada?

    No, Kwikset products compatible with the Kwikset App only work in the United States and Canada.