• Can the handle be reversible to the left or right side?

    Yes, the handle can be adjusted for both the left and the right.
  • Does the keypad light up?

    Yes, the keypad lights up when you press the “Kwikset” button
  • What is the temperature range of the product?

    The product is tested to work between -40F and +180F
  • Does this product auto lock?

    The product has a thumb-turn on the interior to switch between
    1. Auto-lock (Thumb-turn oriented vertically - locks after each entry) &
    2. (2) Passage mode (Thumb turn oriented horizontally - remains un-locked)
    This thumb turn functionality can be electronically disabled, such that the door always auto locks with the thumb-turn in vertical or horizontal position. Refer the installation guide here, this is ideal for public restrooms, so user cannot turn the turn piece to passage mode & allow unauthorized access.
  • Can I change the auto-lock duration of this product?

    The default auto-lock duration is 5 seconds but can be changed from 1 -99 seconds.
  • Can I add & delete codes on this from the outside without access to the interior programming button?

    Yes, if the lock was initially programmed with a programming code, its settings can be changed from the outside without access to the program button on the interior.
  • I am a property owner and would like to have this lock auto-lock after each entry and not have the option to stay open.

    Property owners can disable the passage mode turn piece, by programming it, refer to the manual here.
  • I have a Kwikset deadbolt; can I install this below it?

    Yes, you can install this below most Kwikset smart code deadbolt, provided you have a standard door preparation with the two holes being 5 ½” apart. Refer dimension guide here for determining if your door can accommodate both.
  • Can I use this on an exterior door with a storm door?

    Yes, if there is ample spacing between the two doors & the handles of the storm door and this product won’t interfere. Refer dimension guide here for determining compatibility with your doors.
  • Could this lock be installed on an outside gate - where both sides are exposed to weather?

    These door locks are tested for use on an exterior house door, but not for gates, where both interior and exterior are exposed to the elements