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February 27-29, 2024

You'll get an early look at the latest innovations and products coming from the Kwikset product portfolios, including our NEW Signature Series Perth, Sedona and Trafford levers.

On Our Agenda

  • Signature Series

    Perth™ Lever

    Bring a bold look home with Perth™ door levers. The distinct, slender shape was designed for comfort, and the subtle details add a modern touch to any space.

  • Sedona™ lever

    Sedona™ is a modern take on a classic design. The updated wave shape is carefully sculpted and features a slim, elegant profile. Its round designer rosette will create a balanced look on your doors, while the collection offers a solution for both aesthetics and security.

  • Trafford™ Lever

    Elevate your space with the timeless Trafford™ family. The unique soft curve adds a sophisticated touch to any home aesthetic, while the designer rosette imparts a warm and welcoming feel to your doors.


    You won’t want to miss our Industry Expert Q&A Panel with guest speakers.


    Our sales and marketing teams will be available to help you find solutions to the security challenges in your business.

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Don’t miss your chance to hear from industry experts!
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2024 @ 10:00 A.M. PST

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2024 @ 10:00 A.M. PST

Cathy Pedrayes
Home Security Expert

Known as TikTok's Mom Friend, Cathy Pedrayes has transformed her career from Environmental Scientist to media personality and safety content creator, making safety and cybersecurity accessible through her social media presence and television appearances. Amassing a following of over 2 million followers on Tik Tok and 154 thousand on Instagram, it has landed her features on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, Today Parents, and more. She has extensive hosting experience, having worked with some of the nation's premier networks, including QVC and CBS. While she is known on social media for providing educational guidance for singles, moms, and families worldwide, her role as a new mother keeps her motivated to share everyday safety and security tips. From items that save lives and realistic scenario skits that capture her audience, there's something for everyone to learn from the Mom Friend in a blue dress and pearls.

Stacy Higginbotham
Home Tech Expert

Stacey Higginbotham has been writing about technology for 20 years in major publications such as Fortune, PCMag, and MIT Technology Review. But Stacey might be most known as the founder and co-host of the podcast, the “Internet of Things Podcast” where she discussed the latest IoT news and the people and devices behind it. She has recently started her own consulting practice and is working with Consumer Reports on public policy work around security for connected devices.

Lexi Poer
DIY Home Expert

Lexi Poer is the founder of Strolling in the Suburbs, a modern family and lifestyle brand. After leaving her corporate career at Porsche, she built her passion project into a thriving business featuring her family’s suburban life. Lexi has partnered with brands like Disney, Four Seasons, Target, and Home Depot to create engaging digital content. Her expertise across home renovation, interior design, family travel, parenting, and leisure has led to features in Atlanta Magazine and Condé Nast Traveler. Lexi provides her followers with relatable perspectives on balancing family, career, and the pursuit of passion. Audiences value her authentic, aspirational approach to modern parenting and suburban living.