• How secure is my Premis lock electronically?

    Premis lock uses the standard 128-bit AES encryption and the session-based Station-to-Station protocol which is encrypted with HKDF-SHA-512 derived keys based on per-session Curve25519 keys.
  • Can Premis notify me when the door is locked/ unlocked? Even with a physical key?

    Yes, the app shows a notification every time the lock is locked or unlocked when the phone is within Bluetooth® range; when out of Bluetooth® range, you will need to have the lock connected to an Apple TV in order to receive notifications. The lock or unlock method can be seen under “view lock activity.”
  • How many Apple devices can I enroll with my Premis lock?

    You can enroll with a single Apple device and share access with up to 15 additional Apple devices. You can additionally share user codes with up to 30 additional users.
  • How many Premis locks can I enroll in an Apple device?

    You can enroll an unlimited number of Premis locks in your Apple Devices.
  • Can I set the lock to auto-lock at a certain time?

    The iOS 10 native “Home App” will support locking your Premis lock at a certain time of day using the HomeKit Automation section of the App. The lock can also be set to auto-lock after a certain period of time after the last lock operation. This setting can be managed from within the Premis App under lock settings.
  • What devices are compatible with Premis?

    • Versions of iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iOS Premis lock can be enrolled with compatible HomeKit enable devices running IOS 8.1 or newer. These include the iPhone 4S, all iPhone 5, 6 and 7 variants, iPad 2 or newer with BLE Compatibility, all versions of iPad Mini, and the iPod Touch 5th generation or newer.
    • Compatible versions of Apple TV Premis is compatible with 4th generation or newer; HomePod.
    • Can I unlock Premis remotely? The lock can be locked or unlocked remotely using the Premis app or Siri, if the lock is connected to an Apple Home Hub. Home Hubs come standard on Apple TVs (4th generation and newer) and Apple iPads (with iOS 10 or newer). The Home Hub must remain in your home, connected to your home Wi-Fi network, and powered on.
  • Do the people I “invite” need to download the Premis app?

    No, the invited people can unlock Premis using distinct keypad user codes given at the invitation time.
  • Is there an Android app for this lock?

    At this time, Android is not supported with HomeKit.
  • Does the Premis app work with Apple Watch?

    You can use Siri on your Apple watch to control the Premis Lock. There is no unique Apple Watch App needed.
  • How do I lock out of the Premis app if I lost my phone?

    By logging into “Find my iPhone” and putting the phone in “Lost mode”, the iPhone will be placed in lock mode and not allow anyone to access its content therefore unable to remotely access the Premis lock. The user can also remove the phones account access by holding the “A” button on the back panel for 7 seconds.
  • Can I use Siri to remotely lock/unlock the Premis lock?

    As long as the app is connected to an Apple TV or HomePod, the lock can be remotely controlled via Siri.