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Door Hardware Glossary

Kwikset Locks | Anti-Pick 6-Pin Security System
Anti-Pick 6-Pin Security System
Kwikset Signature Series keyed products offer a 6-pin security system. There are two sets of 6 pins in each lock, top and bottom, and a set of springs that makes it extremely hard for burglars to pick the lock.
Kwikset Vocabulary | Backset – Door Measurements
The measurement between the edge of the door to the center of the hole drilled for the lock.
Kwikset Vocabulary | Definition - Bolt
The piece of metal that protrudes and secures or closes a door.
Kwikset Vocabulary | Definition - Cylinder
The round assembly of the lock which provides the ability to lock a door through the tumbler and the keyway.
Kwikset | Definition of Deadbolt Lock
A lock in which the latchbolt is engaged by using a key or a thumbturn.
Kwikset | Dummy Door Knobs & Levers - Definition
A term used to describe a stationary piece of door hardware that does not provide any latching or security function for the door.
Kwikset Door Hardware Styles & Finishes
The color and polish of the metal of the door hardware.
Function – Exterior & Interior Entry Door Hardware Uses
The type of door hardware used by a specific entry or door.

  • Exterior:
    Keyed Entry
    Both knobs locked or unlocked by key outside or turnbutton inside.
  • Interior:
    Privacy - Bed/Bath
    Both knobs locked or unlocked by emergency key outside or turnbutton inside.

    Passage - Hall/Closet
    Both knobs always free.

    Half Dummy Trim
    Does not turn or perform a function other than for decorative purposes or as a pull.
Kwikset Door Levers – Left & Right Handing
Some styles of Kwikset levers are handed, usually due to a curved design. There are left-handed levers and right-handed levers. To determine the appropriate handing for your door, look at the hinges from the exterior side of the door. If the hinges are on the left, you require a left-handed lever. If the hinges are on the right, you need a right-handed lever.
Kwikset Glossary | Door Handleset
The door hardware that encompasses a grip or handle along with a deadbolt function to lock the door.
Door Lock Keyway | Kwikset Locks
The area on the face of a keyed product where the key is placed.
Door Knobset – Inside & Outside Knobs | Kwikset Glossary
A door set consisting of inside and outside knobs.
Latch Mechanism | Kwikset Door Locks Glossary
The mechanism that throws the bolt or secures the door when the door is closed.
Door Lever Set – Inside & Outside Levers | Kwikset Glossary
A door set consisting of inside and outside levers.
Rose – Circular Plate Surrounding Door Knob or Lever
The circular plate surrounding the knob or lever that is flush against the door.
Strike – Metal Attachment on Doorframe
The metal attachment that is mounted onto the doorframe.
Kwikset Glossary | Thumbturn - T-turn – Privacy Door Lock
The small knob or lever turnpiece on the inside or inner trim that operates the deadbolt function.
Kwikset | Door Hardware Measurements - Throw
The measurement of the projection of a deadbolt latch.
Kwikset Handleset | Thumb Piece
Thumb Piece
The small moving part on the grip of a handle that is depressed when opening a handleset.