Is there an Android, Blackberry, or Windows phone app?

Currently Android does not fully support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 which is required for Kevo to operate securely.  App development for Android is underway.

Android Update:

We are excited that Android has announced that it will fully support Bluetooth Smart communication. When the Android L OS update is released later this year, our development team will soon deliver an Android app for the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock. We look forward to providing Android owners the same touch-to-open convenience that iOS users have brought into their lives.

We have received some questions around Androids existing support for Bluetooth Smart communication and why some devices today say they are capable of leveraging BLE. Below is some additional information to clarify the requirements for Kevo:

To maximize battery life and increase security, Kevo uses a particular feature in the Bluetooth Low Energy specification that is yet to be implemented in the Android OS implementation. It was only recently announced at the IO Developer conference that Android will finally get this feature added to the Bluetooth Low Energy API.  You can read more about the recent announcement here:


Blackberry and Windows platforms are not supported at this time.


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